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Guess That Show

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Every Monday-Friday (or as often as possible during that time frame), a snapshot of a television show will be posted for those to, you got it, guess that show! Shows may be past or present, sitcom or reality, weekly or annual. Occasionally, a show may be foreign, but popular enough that it warrants a guess.

mizcrank - Maintainer/Moderator
rialtus - Co-Moderator


Here are the rules for this community:

1. DO NOT leave clues in the comments PLEASE!

2. Any answers submitted after the cutoff time AS WELL AS double quesses/answers are automatically disqualified.

3. You must be a member of the community to play the game. Makes keeping score much easier. This is competitive play. 1 point per correct answer, unless otherwise specified. Ten rounds per game.

MEMBERS are prohibited from advertising or soliciting help on their LJs (personal or otherwise). Failure to comply to this rule will exempt you from competitive play.

4. (Not really a rule!) Submissions are always welcome. Send yours to mizcrank@livejournal.com. Submissions used automatically gain a player one point.

5. (More like a PERK!) If only one person manages to Guess That Show, that person will receive 3 points...instead of one.